Dread Masters Zorz!

FreakyD a posted Jun 21, 14
Week 2 of content, 1 Hour Timed run done. 

1 Shot all 5 bosses, a really, really clutch Council kill (God bless our healers, Raulos and Sorvali)

You can watch the epic fight with 3 rezzes. 



Its done. 

Roughly 3 and a half hours after servers come up, Zorz clears the instance for a World First clear Nightmare Mode Dread Palace.

Despite server issues with character zoning phases getting infinite load screen/guild dropping/players becoming f2p, thanks Bioware! 

We basically spent 2 actual raiding hours today, and about 20 hours on total on the PTS before it was brought down if anyone is curious. Says alot about the state of the current "Endgame" raiding in SWTOR, eh?






Cool kids World First/Second NiM DP Clear

Video of PoV's from both kills 

Good job to all in guild, Timed Run next! 

Erodoeht GG Guys, not surprised, WTB more challenging content, and a patch that works 1st time around.....

<Zorz> Downs 16M NM Brontes

Dotter ao posted May 28, 14
Zorz decided we wanted 16 NM DF achievements and  the satisfaction of killing Brontes on 8 & 16 pre nerf. 

Kill PoV's below.

(Operative Heals)

Merc- DPS

If you prefer a twitch archive of the Merc PoV it can be found

Group D downs Brontes

Dotter ao posted May 25, 14
While all eight members of group D had individually killed Brontes it hadn't been done as a full D group. Congratulations to  group D and thank you for filling in on Brontes everyday. 

Kill videos found below  

With roughly 30 seconds left on timer, ZORZ Crashes through Nightmare Dread Fortress and claims WORLD FIRST TITLE.


Let this be a first of many more to come in the future! 
Bring on Nightmare Dread Palace.

Sorry we turned down the volume at the end to protect your ears, you can thank us later :P

rightclick and open in new tab/view image for full size

Well done to everyone in the team and in guild for this achievement for such a young guild, claiming a World First just barely 2 weeks after being established!
Kesmet Nice job everyone.
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