Patch 3.0.2 changes : 
  • Unstable Aberrations now penetrate ballistic immunity effects during the Hard Mode Revan encounter.
They said it was unkillable, they said it would take weeks........ #nope.

#buffedrevan #honerfed #bwmakesmilashappy 

Kill Video POVs
Shulk #gggggggg
Yoloborg gggggggggggggggg
Marisi Reflect OP :(
After being successful in herding the sheep (read players), we managed to form a 16+ ops group for an hour and got Ancient Threat down in 6 pulls.

4 of these decos dropped, currently have 3 left for sale, 30Mil Credits, contact an Officer in zorz if interested!

justinlando ancient threat 3spooky5me

Both are centerpieces. No Rep required or anything.
Currently have 3 Revan drops and 2 Coratanni drop. 12 million per/20 million for both 

PM Dotter on enjin, or look for us in game. /who zorz and ask for milas on Impside Harbinger.

How to HM Revan

Dotter a posted Dec 7, 14

Tefia made some "improvements" which we deem to be Front post worthy

Shulk ...
Fascinate jumping is the answer to everything
FreakyD a shuush.. dont tell ppl about the jumpingg

Dread Masters Zorz!

FreakyD a posted Jun 21, 14
Week 2 of content, 1 Hour Timed run done. 

1 Shot all 5 bosses, a really, really clutch Council kill (God bless our healers, Raulos and Sorvali)

You can watch the epic fight with 3 rezzes. 



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