We're selling our stuff

Milas a posted Apr 30, 15

Looking to sell all of our in-game items. 

View this thread for more information:

100% Operation achievements  for everyone! Zorz oficially 10/10 HM Rav/Tos 8man and 16man.

It has been a fun tier, bring on NiM! 


16man is a lagfest, plz no more Bioware!

Mikey The pull I'm only alive for less than half the pull we kill it...
Fascinate I liked this picture better
Smugglin never again

People obsessed with their 100% Ops Acheivments are closer to it as Zorz clean sweeps 16man Hard Mode Ravagers and 4/5 Temple of Sacrifice in one raid night, only Revan remains but we all have a feeling not for much longer...

Raulos uploaded our kill videos from our 9/10 HM Ravagers and Temple of Sacrifice 16mans on our Youtube page @


Hm Coratanni Kill Video, it was a very very dramatic ending :)

Thrax Zejim taunting then instantly threat dropping him back onto Smuglin 8/8 <3

Parsely by Marisi

FreakyD a posted Feb 3, 15

One of our own Raiders, Marisi, has been working on this project and she has finally rolled it out to the rest of the community.  So go on and check it out at the links below ( Will be changing soon )


We love it in guild and encourage everyone to check it out. It is truly a Log Analyzer, made by parsers, for the parsers. All your feedback and comments are welcomed in the thread.

After being successful in herding the sheep (read players), we managed to form a 16+ ops group for an hour and got Ancient Threat down in 6 pulls.

4 of these decos dropped, currently have 3 left for sale, 30Mil Credits, contact an Officer in zorz if interested!

justinlando ancient threat 3spooky5me
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